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Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users. It’s a massive platform to be on right now. Even Spectrum mobile is on Instagram. Businesses including people are making a huge living there thanks to the rise of influencers.

Have you stopped and noticed who has the most followers on Instagram to this date? No, it’s not Ryan Gosling. He probably has a significant fan following but he hasn’t made it to the top 10 yet.

Without further ado, let’s check out who made it to Instagram’s hall of fame.

1: Instagram

The number one contender is Instagram itself. No joke!

It has 394 million followers. Instagram’s feed has a clear purpose. They have used their account perfectly to show off the most interesting trends on the platform. They are also found promoting their IGTV content.

Let’s hope some other account is able to beat Instagram by gaining more followers.

2: Cristiano Ronaldo

#2 on the list of most-followed accounts on Instagram is Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s clear, people all over the world love this guy not just because he’s the best footballer in the world but for many other reasons.

If you just check his Instagram feed, you will find shots of Ronaldo playing football, lots of pictures with family, and images of him enjoying life.

He’s the first human being to reach 292 million followers on Instagram. Sweet!

3:  The Rock

The third Instagram account with the most followers is Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He has got 241 million followers. This top WWE star is also a famous actor.

His feed consists of pictures of him at the gym, short video clips from the movies he’s filming, and pictures with family – all of which his fans deeply adore.

4: Ariana Grande

Now comes the pop star most of you have been expecting. Yes, Ariana Grande is on the list with 239 million followers!

Ari’s feed is full of pics of her performances, meeting with celebs, her life as a pop star, and pictures of her wedding with Dalton Gomez who is a successful real estate agent. In case you didn’t, she got married recently. You better head to her Instagram to see those beautiful wedding pictures. It’s hard not to miss them!

P.S. The wedding was an intimate ceremony that took place at home in Montecito, California. 

5: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has 236 followers on Instagram. This self-made billionaire has all the reasons to be the top most-followed account on Instagram. She once also held the top spot for the most liked post.

On her Instagram account, you will see lots of baby pics, photos with her partner, and posts about personal and work life.

6: Selena Gomez

Queen Selena has made it to the list of most followers on Instagram with 232 million followers. She also hailed the title of celebrity with the most-liked Instagram posts one too many times.

She is found posting selfies, pictures of herself at events and with friends. She also occasionally posts about politics and subjects like women’s rights.

Fans adore Selena for not just her acting and music but her take on mental health.

7: Kim Kardashian 

Kim has made it to number 7 on the list of most-followed Instagram accounts with 225 million followers. Her feed is similar to other family members.

She posts pictures from events she attends, modeling, and family pics.

8: Lionel Messi

Another person from the sports industry has made it to the list of most followers on Instagram. It’s Lionel Messi with 212 million followers.

On his Instagram feed, you will find pics from his personal life, videos/shots of him playing soccer, and pics of the events he attends. He also occasionally shares pictures of his cute dog.

9: Beyoncé

It felt like someone incredible was missing right? Not anymore, because Beyoncé has made it to the list with 181 million followers.

Queen Bey’s pregnancy announcement post was among the most liked posts on Instagram. Her account is filled with shots from her performance, modeling, and some personal posts here and there.

10: Justin Bieber

If you were reading this list hoping that JB’s name would pop up, today’s your lucky day. He’s on number 10 with 176 million followers on Instagram.

Compared to other pop stars, his posts on Instagram are a bit goofy. The feed consists of photos of him with other celebrity friends, cartoon versions of himself, and him practicing and performing at events. 

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