India To Register Complaint Again Canadian PM’s Remark On Farmers Protest

The PM of Canada Justin Trudeau has made some comments on the ongoing farmers protest in India. But his remarks did not go very well with the Indian authorities and hence India has decided to file a complaint against his remarks.

Canadian PM’s Comments On Farmers Protest Did Not Go Well With India


Our country has been going through a wave of protests by the farmers opposing the recent farm bill. Farmers from all over the country have gathered in the capital city of New Delhi to protest against it.

But as of now, there has been no possible solution to the protests because the government has not given its nod to negotiate with the farmers. Now many powerful political parties and personalities from many parts of the world are standing in solidarity with the farmers.


And one among them is the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau. During an online event, he spoke about the ongoing protests in the country and showed his concerns for the farmers. Our country and Canada have always had a firm and good relationship. But Trudeau’s comments did not go well with our country

India To Register Complaint

After the Canadian PM’s remark, India has stated that this might affect the cordial relationship between both the countries. The MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava has stated that Trudeau should take back his comments because it was very derogatory and unwarranted in nature.


Apart from that the spokesperson also added that a formal complaint might be registered against Trudeau’s remarks on the farmers’ protest. In fact, the Canadian high commissioner has been summoned by the Indian authorities.

And a formal complaint is expected to be filed soon. As of now, the Canadian Prime Minister has not given any clarification on this matter. But an official response to the complaint can be expected soon.

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