India Implements 10-Days Quarantine for All Travelers from UK, New Guidelines to Come into Effect from October 4

India has made a 10-day quarantine mandatory for all passengers flying from the UK, despite their vaccination status. It does not matter whether the traveler is vaccinated or not, he will have to be quarantined in indigenous lands as soon as he arrives. However, the new rules will take effect from October 4, 2021; the same date that the new US travel guidelines will also go into effect.

UK passengers to quarantine for 8 days in India

Under the new travel guidelines, all UK to India passengers will have to be quarantined for 10 days after arrival. The 10-day quarantine applies to all travelers regardless of their vaccination status. It does not matter whether the individual is vaccinated or not.

Source: The Indian Express

In addition, the new travel guidelines will take effect on October 4th, the same day that the UK guidelines will also take effect. The Indian government repaid the UK government with all its powers. Although the UK government has granted a green pass to Covishield, it is mandatory for all Indian passengers to be quarantined upon arrival in the UK.

Covid India vaccination certificate not valid in UK

A few days ago, the UK gave the Covishield vaccine to the Serum Institute of India; a green pass. But they refused to recognize the country’s vaccination certificate. However, Indian authorities have repeatedly mentioned that there is nothing wrong with the certificate or the Co-Win portal. The UK government has mandated quarantine for all passengers flying from India; regardless of your vaccination status. As a result, the Indian government also reciprocated and demanded quarantine for all UK travelers.

Passengers will undergo two RT-PCR tests in India

In addition to the quarantine, UK passengers will also be required to present an RT-PCR test certificate; taken 72 hours prior to travel. In addition, airport authorities will also carry out an RT-PCR test on arrival at Indian airports.

India implements 10-day quarantine for all UK travelers, new guidelines taking effect from 4 October
Source: Wall Street Journal

On the other hand, passengers will also have to pass an RT-PCR test; on the eighth day of quarantine in India. Passengers can take the RT-PCR test; at the address provided or at their residences. All new rules and guidelines will take effect from October 4th.ยบ. Indian authorities after making several appeals to the UK government; considered this method of retaliation the best.

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