Imran Khan takes up news platforms with his latest twitter activity.

Imran khan took up the news platforms with his new act on social media where it was noticed that the PM unfollowed everyone from his twitter account.

The tentions between India and Pakistan have been going for too long now which makes people of both nations keep a constant check on people and activities and authorities and social media of both sides. For a fact it was recently noticed that Pak PM unfollowed everyone from his twitter account which also included his ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith. The action was noticed by The News International although he has 12.9M followers his following is zero.

It is suspected that because the PM checked Nawaz Sharif’s timeline and realised that he does not follow anyone Imran Khan felt inferior and unfollowed everyone from his account too out of shame and inferiority complex. The man became a target of trolls for various suspected reasons like if something happened with his x wife or did he feel inferior to Nawaz Sharif. The PM had earlier written to Steve Jobs about increasing radicalization and islamophobia on Facebook and asked him to put a ban on such posts and comments. The speculations that the PM unfollowed everyone due to the fear of being criticized or getting negative feedback and harsh and mean comments have been subtracted from the equation “You find authentic feedback from the traditional media as compared to social media where it is difficult to distinguish news from fake news,” Jawad said. “For authentic news, there are newspapers and television. As a prime minister, he is getting news from there.”

“This does not mean the prime minister does not trust social media anymore,” emphasised Jawad. “PTI and PM Imran Khan consider social media to be the most effective medium.” The most striking point about the PM unfollowing everyone was not the act but the point that he unfollowed his ex-wife as well who he had been in touch with ever since they separated and now suddenly for god forbid reasons he has unfollowed her also along with others.

“If you look at other world leaders, they also follow a very few accounts, and on average, the percentage of the accounts they follow is 0.001 %,” he maintained. Some of the trolls can be loosely translated for the meaning that Imran Khan unfollowed everyone in order to make himself feel more like Nawaz Sharif and to correlate with him in relation to the power and position they both were and are in possession of.

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