Hurricane Delta cuts power supply in Louisiana

Hurricane Delta disrupted the power supply in houses of Louisiana on Friday after it blew over the state and damaged the properties and houses of more than half a million people.

“Delta has left hazards like flooded roads, downed power lines and displaced wildlife in our communities that no one should take lightly,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said on Twitter on Saturday. “Everyone needs to remain vigilant, continue to listen to local officials and be safe.”

Search-and-rescue attempts are being carried out by crews as informed by Edwards on Saturday itself.  He reported that no death toll has been recorded yet.

Damage by Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Laura Photos Show Huge Damage to Lake Charles

Being a category 2 hurricane, Delta made landfall on the evening of Friday in Louisiana, striking the land that is situated merely 12 miles away from the place where Hurricane Laura crashed in the month of August. During Laura, 30 casualties were recorded in Louisiana, as informed by the Governor. Wind puffs blew as fast as 97 mph in the area of Lake Charles in Louisiana and about 89 mph in Cameron.

Over 15 inches of rain was chronicled in Lake Charles. Next to the regions of south-central Louisiana coast, more than 9 feet of the peak storm gush was experienced. Some houses, where the blue tarps from the previous hurricane are still in place, got flooded again due to the Hurricane Delta, according to Mayor Nic Hunter. The hurricane is delivering strong rains and winds to the Southeast region even though it debilitated to a tropical dent on Saturday.

Further warnings after Delta

People from Arkansas to North Carolina are preparing and keeping an eye out for flash floods, and tornadoes are a possibility in eastern Alabama and western Georgia.

The miscellanies of the hurricane moved across Tennessee and Kentucky on Saturday night; onerous rains and flooding was possible there as well. It will ultimately reach to the Northeast on Monday as per the predictions.


Named storms before Delta

Delta being the 10th storm to be named to create landfall in central United States of America in a single hurricane term. While the nine predecessors of the hurricane are:

  • Tropical Storm Bertha in South Carolina
  • Tropical Storm Cristobal in Louisiana
  • Tropical Storm Fay in New Jersey
  • Hurricane Hanna in Texas
  • Hurricane Isaias in North Carolina
  • Hurricane Laura in Louisiana
  • Tropical Storm Marco in Louisiana
  • Hurricane Sally in Alabama
  • Tropical Storm Beta in Texas

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