“Hunter X Hunter” Season 7: Release Date, Plot, And Other Dates

“Hunter X Hunter” Season 7 is on the anticipation list by the audience after the massive success of the previous seasons. The first season of the manga series was dropped in 2011 and the sixth season was dropped in 2014. And now the seventh season is eagerly awaited.

“Hunter X Hunter” Season 7: Release Date

"Hunter X Hunter"

The action fiction anime series “Hunter X Hunter” has entertained us with six seasons so far and the seventh season is highly anticipated. The sixth season was released in 2014 and it has been six years since we have been waiting for the seventh season.

Even after so many years, our hope for “Hunter X Hunter” Season 7 has not died.  As of now the makers have not uttered anything about the renewal of the series but hope has not died.

"Hunter X Hunter"

There are rumors that the makers are in talks for the seventh instalment of the series. Official sources have revealed that since the novel from which it was adapted had run out of contents, the making of another season was stalled. But as soon as new chapters will be added in the manga novel another season will be made.

If things go as planned we can expect “Hunter X Hunter” Season 7 in a year or so.

“Hunter X Hunter” Season 7: Plot

The anime series sheds light on the privilege sector of the society or the Hunter who were entitled to hunt down or destroy anything they come across for their benefit.

This series basically focuses on hunters and how the become one. Our protagonist is Gon who grew up as an orphan as he was in a misconception that his parents were dead. But later on he discovers a truth that is father is still alive hale and hearty but has turned into a hunter.

"Hunter X Hunter"

So he makes up his mind to bring back his father from that sinful world. And for that he gets on a quest to enter the same world. This series is basically a lesson to the mankind that destroying resources for their own benefit is nothing but a sin!

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