How Twitter to warn users for liking labelled tweets

Twitter to warn users for liking labelled tweets. Twitter will launch one of its best feature to control the spread of misinformation. Now, Twitter to warn its users for liking a tweet that will be labelled for misleading information and fake news. Twitter has done same when no. of retweets has been tweeted which was unconfirmed in US 2020 elections. Twitter has shown similar action in US elections. It is a fact that most misleading information and fake news has been spread with social media platforms like Twitter.

Twitter has taken a huge step in its latest feature to tackle the spread of misleading information and fake news, Twitter will not be warning its users if they like or share any such misleading tweets. As per the reports, This features will be rolling out this week especially for iOS users and web users, for android users, it will be rolling out in upcoming few weeks.


What Twitter Handle Support Posted?

On 24 November 2020, Twitter handles support has posted a tweet which states that the warning prompts labelled leads to prevent the spread of fake news and misinformation. This may also help to prevent fake news going viral as most people will not easily share misleading information.

Twitter also announced that it has labelled 3k tweets between 27 October to 11 November. 456 had been covered with warning labelled with a limited engagement feature. There has been a lot of fake news and misinformation has been spread in US elections 2020 and ongoing pandemic. Twitter has been compelled to step up to tackle these fake news by bringing such great features. The latest feature is still under process and yet to be launched. It will be available for iOS and web users, then it will be available for the android user in the upcoming few weeks. This feature will help to control misleading information before going viral.

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