How to get creative iOS 14 app icon logos for iPhone?

You would have seen people are gazing out their smartphone for most of the time and if homescreen of seems attractive with design app icons, then it would not be boring for users.

So its a good happening news for iOS 14 users that will change whole look of homescreen. Now iOS 14 users can get a chance to change by default app icon to a designer icons. 

You can get these designer iphone app icons with help of Shortcut app. You can create your own design with your imagination skill or even get many other options which are been created by any other desgners.

So whenever anyone is building any icon design, it is free and accessible to everyone. In Twitter you will get hundreds of people creating and sharing their creative icon design.

These are some of the favourite design loved by many by which you can get relate with. You will get multiple beautiful MS Paint, Superhero vibe theme as well as friendship theme.

Guidelines to create app icon:

We will have s set of guidelines for you, so that you go on with your creative without any hindrance. Customise your iPhone app icons of your interest.

  • Download the Shortcuts app, open it and go to top right corner to click on + icon.
  • After this click on ‘add action’, and then ‘open app’ this will let you open the app on your phone on which you want to work on.
  • You can edit the icon design as well as the name of the app icon. You have yo add file on which you will build the new design.
  • Remember you have yo remove the app icon from your phone’s homescreen, it will help to prevent from been doubles.

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