How One Slot Can Have 117,649 Ways to Win on Each Spin

How can a slot have 117,649 ways to win on each spin

Bonanza Megavez Slots Readers of a certain age will well remember the time when slot machines were fairly simple. You probably had three reels and only one palline on which you had to match symbols to win. Those symbols were probably originally drawn versions of fruits such as watermelon, cherry and orange, or bar, and lucky number 7.

Fast forward to today, and the slot games you get at land-based or online casinos can’t be any different. Think about how the early computer games were unrecognizable compared to today’s games.

An amazing development was the introduction of Megavez Mechanic, which made it possible for you to win 117,649 ways to win from a single spin on the reels.

Megawaz Mechanic explained

Australian software developer Big Time Gaming invented the megavez mechanic and the company licenses software to other mainstream slot machine developers.

To illustrate the system simply, imagine the first “normal” modern-day slot, probably consisting of five reels and four rows. You have a fixed number of pellines, maybe 20, which is a big step up from the old games with a chance to win.

What Megavage does is change the number of symbols that can appear on any of the six reels. It could be two, but it could be seven. This is where the chances of a huge win arise as you don’t have to land the winning symbols in a particular palein (or winning line). Instead, similar symbols need to land anywhere on successive reels, starting from the left.

Now, imagine that if each of the six reels is filled with seven symbols – you can see how much more likely you are to be the winner.

Mechanics are added to some Megaways games where a second line of symbols appears two to six at the top of the reel, and may even be input into the winning combination. While we should note that you will not get a full 117,649 chances to win on each spin, there is usually a counter total that is updated with your chances of winning after each spin of the reel.

But that’s not all. Megavez Games often includes an avalanche feature that was introduced almost ten years ago with NetEnt’s popular Gonzo’s Quest slot game. In this case, when you draw the winning line, the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new symbols coming down from above. This can then be combined with another winning combination, meaning you can win more than once in a single spin.

Megaways Slot Games Examples

Megavez slots are generally video slot titles, using modern graphics, and booming cinematic sound like all modern slot games. This provides an enjoyable experience everywhere that has been so far removed from the opening day slots that the two can’t really be compared!

Here are some of the most common games you’ll find on a general site with examples of megavez:

Bonanza Megavez

The Bonanza Megavez slot is probably the most popular. It puts you at the heart of the United States Gold Rush as you seek your luck from the dusty mining community.

Monster of Rock Megavage

Rock Festival’s world-famous monsters inspire this megavez slot with storm gaming. In addition to the 117,649 ways to win, there are cascading reels, mystery cards, free spins and more.

Stars Megavez

Stars Megavez

This game offers a chance to win 10,000 times more than your original bet with the free spins generated by the base game or by landing on three or more bonus symbols. The game is developed by Pragmatic Play but in some ways resembles NetEnt’s all-conquering Starburst slot.

Plenty of choices

If these Megaways titles seem a bit confusing (and may seem overwhelming at first), then you can try hundreds of other games at your usual land-based or online casino.

There are more traditional slots, of course, and even those single-line, three-reel ‘stepper’ slots, known as classic slots for good reason, are still popular today. You can also find it with retro graphics and sound effects.

If you want to play something other than a slot in a casino, you can go and see one of the traditional table games like Blackjack, Backcart or Roulette. Online casinos also have live dealer tables, where real dealers and equipment from the casino setting are streamed live on the user’s device and then they can bet on the action and interact with the dealers.

As you can see, things are definitely moving forward in the casino industry, and Megawaz Slots is just one prime example.

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