High Guardian Spice Was Mysteriously Absent From Anime NYC. Why?

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High Guardian Spice A familiar name to most anime fans, and not for good reason.

First announced in 2018, the series was set as the first in-house anime series by CrunchyRool as part of the CrunchyRool original line. The show follows four young women who vow to be guardians at the High Guardian Academy, and the challenges they face as they unravel a deep conspiracy that threatens their world.

High Guardian Spice Originally its expected 2019 launch was delayed, and then finally exited Ether, the show launched on Crunchy Roll in late October 2021. Anime fans seemed to hate it, and over the past month, the show has become the punchline of every other Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube anime critic. But now, it looks like Crunchyroll is ready to reduce its losses altogether on promoting the series, if there’s any hint of anime NYC.

During Anime NYC, High Guardian Spice It was neither featured nor mentioned at Saturday afternoon’s Crunchy Roll industry panel event, where Crunchy Roll promoted some of its biggest current and future anime series. Instead, the company offered a sneak peek trailer for the Crunchyroll original show Blade Runner: Black LotusWith a surprise interview with series co-director Shinji Aramki. Anime distributor also teases promos for the upcoming Crunchyroll Originals Freak Angels And Shenmu: Animation, But without discussing the original anime of the in-house lineup. For clever anime fans, the snub was obvious; The incident took place without the release of the series, which took place a few weeks ago.

High Guardian Spice Also particularly absent in the promotional footage of CrunchyRail featured throughout the convention, the company opted instead to promote the anime series such as Monster Slayer, As well as the official vtuber of Crunchyrol, streams for Hime.

High Guardian Spice The absence may seem strange, especially since the show has a cult of queer fans who enjoy its large LGBTQ + representation. However, the series was notoriously ridiculed during its initial announcement and its publication was bombarded with reviews. This was largely due to the show’s progressive politics and bad faith response to the upfront queer representation, hence the show’s 1.3 rating on IMDb.

True, not all anime critics hit the series with bad faith. Reviews for High Guardian Spice Mostly pointed out that the series is enjoyable enough, but relatively run-of-the-mill in terms of plot and design. The show has also been criticized for problems with its production quality and writing, including problems with voice acting and anomalies in the themes. High Guardian Spice Tone of all ages and occasional violent content, and its generally flat character design.

Other people who initially penned the show have come to the same conclusion. After harshly criticizing the show’s opening, the anime YouTuber Correvid looked at the series in its entirety and changed his mind, concluding that the overall quality of the series had improved towards the end of the first season. Nevertheless, Corvide insisted on it High Guardian Spice It doesn’t have to be a good anime, just a simple anime that doesn’t guarantee intense hatred.

So when the reaction would have contributed High Guardian Spice Anime’s disappearance from NYC is so likely that Crunchyroll wants to minimize its losses in shows that don’t necessarily receive flashy reviews.

About whether Cranchyrol will return for more production High Guardian Spice In the future, it remains unclear. But since the anime is buried on the Cranchyrol original homepage and promotional material for the show is also missing from the front page of Cranchyrol, it looks like the anime is a bad omen for the second season of NYC in-house production.

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