US Soldier Arrested For Murdering 25-Year-Old Army Veteran In Hawaii

A 25 year old Army Veteran was mercilessly killed at Schofied Barracks in Hawaii. An US soldier as been arrested in the case.

US Soldier Arrested For Killing Army Veteran In Hawaii


In a fateful incident in Hawaii, a 25-year-old army veteran Selena Roth was killed in Schofield Barracks. She was an army spouse as well and was found mercilessly murdered in one of the Barracks.

This incident has shooked the army regiment in the area. As of now a solider has been arrested in connection with the murder. Although as of now the concerned authorities have not revealed any information about the accused or the reason behind the murder.


But some sources state that there were some personal reasons behind the murder.

Army General Of Hawaii Offers His Condolences

The army commanding general of Hawaii regiment Maj. Gen. James Jarrad has offered his deepest condolences on Selena Roth’s death. In an official statement, he has said that the entire Hawaii regiment is deeply saddened by her demise.


He said that the accused will be punished and hence justice will be served to Roth and her family. He added that the investigation won’t stop until the conclusion is reached. 

He added that several special forces have been appointed to investigate the matter closely. Although as of now Maj. Gen. Jarrad has not spoken anything on the first arrest that has been made after her murder.

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