Hardik Patel Refutes Claims Of Joining AAP

The President of Gujarat congress party Hardik Patel has refuted the rumors of him joining the Aam Admi Party.

Hardik Patel Is Not Joining AAP

Hardik Patel

The congress President of Gujarat state was currently in news for a very odd reason. There were rumours about him leaving the congress party to join AAP.

Several social media reports have claimed that Patel is going to be a strong contender from AAP in the 2022 Assembly elections. Thus claiming that the leader that walked out of the congress party.

Hardik Patel

But recently Patel has released a statement clearing the air behind him leaving the congress party. Hardik Patel has stated that he is not joining AAP at any cost and asked people not to believe in any such social media rumours.

Patel Blames BJP For Spreading Lies

In his statement, Patel has also pointed his finger at the BJP stating that they have spread this rumour. He said that BJP is doing so to malign the reputation of congress.

Hardik Patel


These fake reports were circulated after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal visited Gujarat. Patel in his statement has also claimed that BJP wants to hide the fact that it has failed in handling the COVID-19 crisis in Gujarat.

Hence it is trying to divert the attention of the people by spreading false rumours about the opposition party in the state.

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