Hacker demands Rs 10 crore to a Ghaziabad man

Hacker demanded 10 crore to a man from Ghaziabad, the hackers have said that they are going to circulate his obscene pictures and also said that the hackers will kill him and his family too. Hackers threaten the man that he will kill his full family and also said they wants the money as soon as. He said that if the man will not listen to him, he can do anything.

They had allegedly threatened Rajiv Kumar, a resident of Vasundhara Colony, that if he does not pay up the large sum of money, his obscene pictures and his family’s personal details will go viral online.


Rajiv then went to the police for asking after the accused hacked into his email account. Rajiv said that on 1 January his email id was hacked by the some cyber criminals. He also added that the hackers changed the password of his e-mail somehow.

They then sent him a mail and threatened him to pay Rs 10 crore. They threatened him for murder and making his obscene pictures viral for not paying the amount. At first he did not took the e mail very seriously but later on they reached his home.


The man said that they were being monitored all the time. Whatever they were doing they are keeping a watch on the activities of the family and continuously harassing them.

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