Gotham Season 6: Has The Series Been Renewed Yet?

We are all eagerly anticipating the release of Gotham Season 6. The series has entertained the audience with five amazing seasons and the sixth one is highly anticipated.

Gotham Season 6: Renewed Or Cancelled? 

Gotham Season 6

HBO dropped the fifth season of this superhero series in April 2019 and it was planned to be the final season. But the twist was that the fifth season concluded on a very confusing note.

When we consider as the season finale of a series we expect the plot to be fulfilling. But the ending of Gotham Season 5 left the audience wondering with many questions instead. It consisted of only 12 episodes and thus it was nowhere near to season finale.

Gotham Season 6

Therefore we are assuming that Gotham Season 6 might be on the cards. Although an official announcement from HBO and the makers would be appreciated. But looking at the plot of the previous season we are expecting that Gotham Season 6 will be officially announced soon.

Gotham Season 6: Plot

We all know that the HBO superhero series tells the story of the supercops of Gotham city James Gordon and Harvey Bullock. It mainly focuses on the early life in Gotham city before the arrival of batman.

Gotham is a city full of crime and corruption so Gordon and Harvey were appointed to restore peace and order in the city. But the fifth season ended with the arrival of Batman or more precisely the transformation of Bruce in Batman.

Gotham Season 6

The reason that the previous season cannot be called the season finale is that it did not have a proper end. We know that the series was supposed to just focus on Gordon and his tenure as the cop in Gotham city. But as the ending introduced batman, Gotham Season 6 can focus on the diaries of batman and other superheroes in the city.

If we ever get Gotham Season 6 we can expect to see the diaries of Batman and Gordon as the lawmaker of the fictional city.

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