Google Stadia is now available on Apple devices that support IOS 14.3

Apple has always been very specific about its software and is very distinctive in choosing what can and what cannot work on their software.

Android and Apple have very less apps and software in common that work on both platforms especially when it comes to gaming apps.

Google Stadia is a google cloud gaming service is now available on iphones and ipads as well. Google announced a few weeks before making it official that the service will soon be available on Apple devices as well and has now made it official only tat for the users to access the service needs to update their IOS to the latest version that is 14.3 that was realise just a few weeks ago.

In order for people to test the programme they can also do a test run with a free or paid account just by going over to from their IOS device and logging into their google account and adding the shortcut to their home screen and finally opening the web app after which they can launch and play the game they wish, in case of some games they may have to connect their device to a gamepad.

For all those gamers whose entire day and lives depends on their gaming console and new games they can get lay their hand on Google stadia is their love but what prevented them was tht the service was not offered in IOS until now.

It acts as a console in the cloud to benefit from which the operator has to buy games for the platform in specific and then stream using a data centre near them. Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed are its latest additions.

All those who pay to get the subscription once do not have to however pay for these games and as a cherry on top they get the chance to become Stadia Pro subscriber.  In addition to the games you bought on the platform, it lets you access a library of games and it unlocks 4K video. Stadia Pro costs $9.99 per month.  Ubisoft announced that you could subscribe to the company’s unlimited subscription service Ubisoft+ and access games from Stadia. For now, it’s only available as a beta in the U.S.

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