Ghostbusters: Afterlife Easter Eggs and References Guide

Ghostbusters: The Easter Egg Guide

-The first Easter egg we see doesn’t look like Evan Ritman’s callback Ghostbusters. Instead it appears to be a tribute to another early modern blockbuster who had a markedly significant impact on Jason Ritman. As we witness the supernatural activity taking place on the mountain in the American heartland Oklahoma, the spectral ghost cloud that gathers looks like an extraterrestrial airspace created by UFOs on Steven Spielberg’s Devil’s Tower. The third type of close encounters (1977). This is an initial suggestion, perhaps, that Jason will take this material in a different direction.

-We still get a lot faster Ghostbusters We nod in the opening prologue as we see a man who is supposed to be Aegon Spengler reach his lonely farm and catch a rusty ghost trap. But when his big plan to capture the oncoming demonic entity fails, he returns home and pulls out his old PKE meter for a loving extreme close-up. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

-When the spectral form of Zul kills Agon, the smoke invades under the door, and the demon emerges from the armrests of his chair. This re-enacts the scene where Dana Barrett was attacked and captured by the same demon in 1984. However the CG Zul face coming out of the smoke is a new touch.

-It has also come out from the beginning that when Zul does not have a man, he flies as one of the red-pink colored spectral dots which was first established in this. Ghostbusters After the ghost control unit meltdown at the firehouse.

-When our central family Kelly (Carrie Koon), Trevor (Finn Wolfhard), and Phoebe (McKenna Grace) reach their legacy on the dilapidated plot of Aegon’s land, they see Ego spray-painting the locals with ominous passages from the Bible. Is. The book of Revelation, 6:12: “And when he had opened the sixth seal I saw, and behold, there was a great earthquake; And the sun turned black like a sack of hair; And the moon became like blood. This refers to a creepy moment in the original film where Ray Stantz (Dan Aycroyd) and Winston Zedmore (Ernie Hudson) discuss whether Christianity is a myth, and if the Bible predicting the dead from the grave has anything to do with their strangeness. . Line of work.

– Inside “Murder House”, Phoebe and Trevor seem to be ignoring a stack of books seven or eight feet high in the background. This recalls the first evidence of harassment of boys found in the New York Public Library in ’84, although Bill Murray rolled his eyes at the time and then scolded, “You’re right, no man will put books down. Like this. ”

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