Finland and other Nordic countries disapprove of COVID-19 Moderna Jab

Several Nordic countries, including Finland, have expressed disapproval of Moderna’s COVID-19 jab. The country with other Nordic countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway is discouraging the administration of its jab. However, they decided to inoculate only a certain age group with the Modern vaccine.

Finland bans COVID-19 Modern Jab for male population under 30

Many Nordic countries in Europe, including Finland, have decided not to encourage the distribution and inoculation of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in their respective regions.

Source: Reuters

However, some sources reveal that countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway also condemned Moderna’s coup; due to increased cardiac risk. Moderna’s COVID-19 injection is said to increase cardiac risk in people of certain age groups, sometimes leading to failures and blockages. Henceforth, the Nordic countries have decided not to promote the Moderna jab to a certain group of people, especially the vulnerable.

What did the authorities say?

The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, Finland, announced on Thursday that it will not inoculate men under 30 with Moderna’s vaccine. Rather, they are going with Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 jab for this particular age group. However, sources suggest that a rare side effect is witnessed in people of this age group, inoculated with Moderna’s COVID-19 injection. In addition, the Finnish government has mentioned that young men and boys are at slightly higher risk of developing myocarditis.

Other Countries Discourage Modern COVID-19 Vaccine

Since Finland took this initiative, several other Nordic countries have introduced similar guidelines. Sweden has also decided not to inoculate its male population under 30 with Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, Denmark will not vaccinate its population under 18 with the Swiss-made vaccine. On the other hand, Norway is urging its citizens to opt for the Pfizer-BioNTech jab over the Moderna.

Finland and other Nordic countries disapprove of COVID-19 Moderna Jab
Source: Nikkei Asia

Why did Finland and other Nordic countries ban the vaccine?

All these Nordic countries decided to ban the Modern COVID-19 vaccine based on a study done in Sweden. The study suggests that the Covid mRNA-based vaccine increases the risk of heart disease, including inflammation of the heart muscle or pericardium. Also, some of the citizens who were shot developed a very rare side effect. Since then, Finland and other Nordic nations have decided not to inoculate their population under 30 with the Swiss-made jab. Although the risk is very small, there is no courage to take it.

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