FAU-G brings Indian gamers back on their feet with its launch estimated to be by March 2021.

This year was a big downer for all the video gaming fanatics out there. With the onset of the virus in the beginning of this year there were other tentions also that built up between India and China that were not seeming to come to an end anytime soon.

As a result the Indian government decided to boycott Chinese goods and markets and apps and deploy Indian ones to not only liberate the Indians off of their dependence on Chinese products but to also boost Indian craftsmen and industries that work on a small scale with limited production which was also the focus of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Some of the apps that were banned by the government include some of the all-time favourite apps like Shein (an online shopping app) and PUBG (a gaming platform). PUBG was a big mobile game that kept people hooked for hours and not only was loved a lot by those who are really into online gaming, Xboxes and other gaming platforms and have a whole life around them with it.  

Silver lining for Indian gamers-FAU-G

The ban on PUBG really affected a lot of people because it only was just a mobile game but people started earning money through it and it also allowed people from all over to connect and interact. But like every dark cloud has a silver lining there was very soon another app launched that replaced PUBG and gave these gaming fanatics something to look forward to it. This app was called FAU-G or Fearless and United Guards and was all set to be launched by end of December but some technical issues delayed the launch till March 2021.

The announcement was made by nCore games who apparently has not confirmed it yet but all working very hard to ensure its working and launch it by December end. The game already has a lot of hype in the country among the gamers given the still prevailing ban on the Chinese apps and the government definitely not sitting in communication with the PUBG Corporation. It will be available on Google Play store and already has millions of registrations showing a good response even before the launch.

PUBG mobile game was a lot violence and gory graphic details than actual gaming which affected the mins of those who played it in a not so mature age basically early teens or those who are not even teens yet. This result in more aggression and violence from the kids which was a serious cause of concern and is now putting PUBG in question and conflict with the chairman of NCPCR that is the National Commission for Protecting Child Rights against such graphics and motion pictures. This was taken as a plus point by FAU-G and they certainly brought down the violent content in their game and has now made it viable for all teens in contradiction to what was doe before.

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