Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Farmers are protesting in Indian Capital defying tear gas? The facts you should know about new laws passed by the ruling BJP government. Farmers are expressing disagreements with rules and regulations that are permitted by the Modi government. Farmers fears that it will give benefit to the corporations, not to them. Many Farmers have come in New Delhi the Capital of India for the protest against new rules and regulations after the officer have fired some tear gas and also used water cannon to end the Dilli Chalo March.


The protestors have fought with the police on Friday throughout the march to New Delhi against the new rules and regulations which will make easy for the farmers to sell personally to private buyers and come into the deal with private companies.

Why Farmers are protesting in Indian Capital defying tear gas? facts you should know

Why Farmers are protesting in Indian Capital defying tear gas? Farmers are asking for the bills which are permitted by the parliament of India because they fear that the new rules and regulations will leave them unsafe to huge corporates.

Delhi police told that the farmers have allowed coming to Delhi So that the farmers can oppose the rules and regulations calmly at Nirankari Samagum ground in Burari Area. Although farmers from some states who wanted to oppose in the Ramlila ground have still to utterance if they would have accepted to the new venue.

The leader of farmers from Narwana, Haryana has told over the phone that they would keep marching to the Capital no matter what. He also said that if the ruling government thinks that they would stop them by using the powers, forces or by choking the roads then it will not be done. We would come to Delhi doesn’t matter what happens or how much time they would take to reach there. The authorities don’t look after the farmers they are trying to demolish them and want to help huge corporates.

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