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Facebook might $13 billion in 2022 due to Apple App’s Tracking Transparency feature

When Apple launched the anti-tracking feature App Tracking Transparency last year, it struck a blow to firms like Meta (previously Facebook). The feature was a contentious subject because, although it provided Apple customers the option to enable or refuse monitoring in an app, it impeded internet firms’ advertising businesses. 

Meta was on the front lines, criticizing Apple left, right, and center for its contentious action, hoping for a feature reversal. That did not materialize, and as a result, Meta recorded massive revenue losses, which, according to a recent study, will continue this year.

Facebook might $13 billion in 2022 due to Apple App’s Tracking Transparency feature 2

According to a Lotame analysis, Meta’s revenue from online user monitoring might drop by an astounding $12.8 billion this year as a result of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature. 

This is much larger than the $10 billion revenue loss predicted by Meta earlier this year. According to the estimate, the entire income loss of major digital platforms such as Meta, Snap, Twitter, and YouTube might be over $16 billion this year. Meta, with a market capitalization of about $13 billion, is expected to be the most hit firm this year, accounting for 81% of the total.

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