Facebook Faces Global Outage on Friday, Monday in a Week

Facebook’s servers went down for the second time this week. However, the company claimed that Friday’s outage; it was nothing like what happened before. In addition, he thanked the users for the patient’s stay and apologized for the inconvenience. The company’s social media servers went down globally on Monday; with none of your apps responding. It was an interruption of almost 6 to 9 hours around the world. Neither WhatsApp nor Instagram were accessible to users.

Social media giant Facebook faces global outage on Friday

For the second time this week; Facebook servers were affected globally. The company sincerely apologized to users; around the world for the inconvenience. However, stated that yesterday’s interruption; it was nothing like what happened on Monday. The company and its services, including WhatsApp and Instagram, faced outages again on Friday.

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In its statement, the company said that another faulty configuration change led to the outage and that it is extremely sorry about it. Furthermore, they thanked all users for their patience as their services were launched on Friday. DownDetector, an app that tracks outages, highlighted the fact that the social enterprise went down for the second time in a week. Although the issues were fixed within hours, some users were really dissatisfied with the performance.

Users made fun of the app on Twitter

Some users were unable to load their Instagram feed during the last outage on Friday. Also, some users were unable to send messages on messenger; or access your Facebook feed. However, the last interruption didn’t bother WhatsApp much. During the outage, users quickly switched to Twitter and I made memes on the second break in just a week. Although many users were terrified of the company’s performance, they left no chance to make fun of it. One user wrote: “It looks like the company works 3 days a week with Monday and Friday outages.” Another user tweeted, “What’s up with Instagram?”

Some users were very dissatisfied with the application’s performance.

Although people were making fun of Facebook for its frequent interruptions; some users were really infuriated by its performance. One of them said that it’s not even 4 days and the app is down again. In addition, a DownDetector graphics forum reported “Problems with Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp AGAIN!” It’s the second time in a week; when the social media giant’s service crashed globally. The first interruption took place earlier this week and increased by 8-9 hours. Billions of users around the world tweeted that they couldn’t access Instagram or send messages on WhatsApp.

Facebook Faces Global Outage on Friday, Monday in a Week
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Sincere apology for Facebook

Friday’s glitch was resolved after a few hours. Facebook issued a sincere apology for the incident; and thanked the users for staying patient all this time. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the same on Tuesday; after the application’s services were disabled for approximately nine hours.

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