Every detail to know about the anime Hunter x Hunter Season 7

Animated series are quite iconic, and it is quite impressive how everyone loves them irrespective of the age gap. There are also occasional anime series which has been running since the 90s. One such series is the Hunter x Hunter in which the anime is still running with the manga also going on. In fact, the series is so popular that video games, films, musical and theatrical plays, and other merchandise are also available on it. Hunter x Hunter is also made from the manga series of the same name, just like any other anime. It is also not the first time that the manga got adapted for anime. But, there is an increasing demand for more future seasons when its sixth came to an end on Toonami.

Renewal Status: Hunter x Hunter Season 7

Initially home to the network of Nippon TV, Hunter x Hunter saw its debut way back in October 2011. However, there is big disappointing news for the fans that the chances of it returning for season seven are significantly less. There is no news or plans of revival for another season from the Madhouse Production House yet. They are also busy and engaged with various other new projects.

Possibility of Renewal: Hunter x Hunter Season 7

The possibility of renewal for season seven remains very low as the manga writer, Yoshihiro Togashi is reportedly suffering from severe issues of mental health. It took a toll on his work and may take a while to return. But, he also expressed his utmost dedication for the Hunter x Hunter series completion. Reportedly, he also asked for the completion of the series by his wife if he dies. There are currently thirty-six volumes of the series, of which four volumes still remained for featuring in the anime. The same could serve as the source material for another season, but they are not yet completed.

Release Date: Hunter x Hunter Season 7

It is tough to specify a fixed release date with no renewal of the series yet. The future of the series also depends on the writer and the completion of the manga. It may also be the case that the series would not return for season seven. Furthermore, the anime series has already exhausted its source material. Hence, it may get adapted for another season if there is enough source material.

Plotline: Hunter x Hunter Season 7

Hunter x Hunter features a 12-year-old boy, GonFreecss, in the main center of the story who wishes to become the best Hunter alive in the whole world for meeting his father. Season six left open for the featuring and exploring of more happenings in the series. There are also few volumes left for adaption and the further plotlines will take place from left out volumes. However, it will take some time as revival did not occur, and the manga did not get finished. Fans can read the manga to know more about the plotline while waiting for the season seven release.

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