Ethiopia-Tigray War Refugees At High Risk Of COVID-19 Infection

The Ethiopia-Tigray conflict has been going on for quite sometimes now. And the Tigray war refugees are the worse affected amid the pandemic situation.

Ethiopia-Tigray War Refugees At High Risk Of COVID-19


The conflict between the federal forces of Ethiopia and Tigray started in November 2020 and has affected the residents of the border areas. Amid the bloodshed and chaos, the residents of Tigray border areas are feeling to the neighbouring country Sudan for shelter.

Although fleeing to Sudan has helped them survive the war but not the pandemic. Because we know that Sudan has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases. And with the arrival of the war refugees, things have got worse.


The shelter homes in Sudan are filled with refugees and amid the pandemic situation, it is getting difficult to check the injection rates. Thus Ethiopia-Tigray war refugees are not safe even in the refugee camps.

Thousands Of Refugees Infected With COVID-19

The Ethiopia-Tigray war refugees are fleeing to shelter homes in Sudan. But the pandemic crisis has overpowered them as thousands of refugees have already fallen prey to the deadly virus.

The shelter homes are overcrowded with the refugees and this has increased the rate of coronavirus infection. Apart from that, the refugees are not getting proper food and accommodation in the shelter camps.


Also, there are no proper coronavirus testing facilities in the camps which has made the situation worrisome. Now the Sudan government has taken a step to check the COVID-19 cases in the country. As per sources, the government is planning to impose other rounds of lockdown to check the Ethiopia-Tigray war refugees from entering the country.

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