“Erased” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

In the year 2016, we were blessed with a very unique and amazing anime series titled “Erased.” It did not take quite long for this series to build a strong fan base.

“Erased” Season 2: Release Date


Like other anime series, “Erased” is also an adaptation of a light novel and we must say that it really faired well on the screens. The original manga was out in 2012 and then in 2016, we got its first instalment as an audiovisual anime series.

The first season was good enough to earn a worldwide fan following. Originally aired on Fuji TV, the series also had a worldwide circulation in several languages.

The makers were in heaven nine after the success of the series. Looking at its popularity we were all expected the second season to be out within no time. But sadly that did not really happen. Because it is 2021 now but the production house has not released any statement on the second season.


But it also has to be considered that even the cancellation has not been announced. All the fans are in a dilemma whether to wait for another season or not. There were some rumours that other production houses and streaming platforms are planning to take the rights of this series.

If that is true that we might get a notification about the renewal of the series.

“Erased” Season 2: Plot

How do we wish we could travel back in time and set a few things right? Well, our protagonist Sataru Fujinyama can do that! He has a supernatural power in which he can go back in time. And he can do that to stop certain incidents or happenings that were not right.


Living in Chiba, this simple man has one mission in life and that is to stop his mother from getting killed. Yes! His mother was killed by goons 18 years back.

With this superpower, we saw that Sataru accomplished the task of saving his mother. He also succeeded in stopping some other mishappenings. Thus if we get “Erased” Season 2 we can expect to see more of Satoru’s time travel adventures.

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