Ed Sheeran wins ‘Shape of You’  copyright case

Ed Sheeran, a British singer, has won a high-profile copyright battle involving his 2017 hit song “Shape of You.” A court concluded Wednesday in the London High Court that Sheeran did not plagiarise grime singer Sami Switch’s song “Oh Why.”

Switch, real name Sami Chokri, said Sheeran stole a significant element of the 2015 song.

Ed Sheeran

In his decision, Justice Zacaroli stated that he was persuaded Sheeran did not intentionally or unintentionally replicate portions of Switch’s “Oh Why.”

Sheeran has previously been accused of copyright infringement. In 2016, Ed Sheeran was sued for his single “Photograph,” which was resolved out of court, and he was accused several times for his smash “Thinking Out Loud” beginning the same year.

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