Thursday, October 6, 2022
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E-scooter trial in Canterbury extends by 8 months

An E-scooter rental scheme in Canterbury has been given another extension. The trial was supposed to finish this month, but it started in November 2020. However, the Kent County Council (KCC) has announced that e-scooters will be permitted to be ridden in sections of the city until the end of November this year.

The extension was allowed in order to collect more data and submit it to the Department of Transportation (DfT). The e-scooters may only be used in certain areas, and riding them outside of such areas is illegal.

E-scooter trial in Canterbury extends by 8 months 2

David Brazier, a transport councillor for KCC, applauded the trial’s continuation. “The economic and environmental benefits of electric micro-transport are well known,” he added, “but it’s critical that we track the growth of this programme to have a clear knowledge of how people use and interact with it.”

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