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Drone attack in Abu Dhabi kills 3

On Monday, authorities said a suspected drone strike by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on a vital oil plant in Abu Dhabi killed three people and ignited a second fire near the city’s international airport.

The victims were identified as two Indians and one Pakistani by police in the United Arab Emirates. It did not name the injured, who police said had mild to moderate injuries in an industrial region where Abu Dhabi’s state-owned energy corporation operates a pipeline network and an oil tanker storage facility.

At the site, three transport tanks caught fire, while another fire broke out at an expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Drone attack
Drone attack in Abu Dhabi kills 3 2

While an investigation was continuing, police stated that preliminary results suggested that small flying objects, presumably belonging to drones, had fallen in the two sites and may have caused the explosion and fire.

They stated that there was no serious damage as a result of the accidents, but provided no other specifics.

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