“Dragon Prince” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Netflix animated series “Dragon Prince” Season 4 is being awaited by the audience for a long time. The series made its path-breaking debut in 2018 and has showered us with three very entertaining seasons so far.

“Dragon Prince” Season 4: Release Date

"Dragon Prince"

“Dragon Prince” made its debut on Netflix in September 2018 and has two more seasons released in the year 2019. Created by Aaron Ehasz this comedy-drama animation series has won our hearts.

So almost a year after the release of the third season the makers officially announced “Dragon Prince” at a comic con event. We know that the series was affected by several mishappenings. There were reports of sexual assault taking place on the sets of the series which led to the delay of the fourth season. 

"Dragon Prince"

And of course the coronavirus pandemic was another. But now as per some sources, the production of “Dragon Prince” Season 4 has started way back in mid 2020 and it is expected to have been almost ready by now. So there is a high chance that the upcoming season will release by the later half of 2021.

But pre assuming anything at this hour will not be right and hence let us wait for Netflix to enlighten us with an official release date.

“Dragon Prince” Season 4: Plot

This animation series tells us the story of a continent named Xadia which is filled with humans, dragons and other supernatural being. Things were peace in the beginning but that is when humans began to misuse power and enmity started between humans and the dragons.

The previous season left us with Ezran, Callum and Rayla trying their best to resolve issues in Xadia. We also saw that evil Viren was dead but he was revived by his daughter who name is Claudia.

"Dragon Prince"

So now “Dragon Prince” Season 4 is expected to shed light on the love life of Rayla and Callum. In this season Ezran and all the well wishers id Xadia will finally understand how evil is Aaravos and try their best to take Xadia out from his clutches. Basically the upcoming season will focus on restoring humanity in Xadia.

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