Maharastra Government Clears Two Draft Bills For Shakti Act

Shakti Act which has been proposed by the Maharashtra government is an act associated with child and women safety. Recently the state cabinet passed two draft bills associated with the act.

Draft Bills For Shakti Act Cleared

Shakti Act

The two draft bills under the Shakti Act have been cleared by the Maharastra cabinet. These bills which ensure women and child safety in the state are proposed under the Shakti Act 2020.

After passing the state cabinet these bills will be placed in the assembly session and then in the centre for approval. And after the centre approves the draft bill the Shakti Act will be implemented in Maharastra.

Shakti Act

All these bills and the act will fall under the Maharastra Criminal Law 2020. The Maharastra government led by Uddhav Thackery is taking his historic step for the women and child safety in the state. Thackery is confident that this bill would be approved by the central government as it is a much-needed measure in the country.

This Bill Will Bring A Wave Of Change

After the passing of the draft bill, the state is sure that the Shakti Act would be implemented soon because it will surely be passed by the central government.

The two bills under the Shakti Act has many provisions that safeguard the safety of women and children and also assures capital punishment for crimes like rape, acid attack, child abuse and all other forms of heinous violence against women and children.

It is a powerful move to make the women and minors feel safe in the state. If the Shakti Act is implemented there will no longer be a delay in punishing the criminals associated with these acts. Because as per the act the investigation for crimes like rape or acid attack should be completed within 15 days.

Shakti Act

Because if investigation is delayed then justice will also be delayed. Many leaders are calling this act a boon for the state as well as the country. As after passing of this act other states might also adopt similar acts to protect the women and children as crimes are rising day by day all across the country.

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