Dr. Hanaan Choudhary – A Doctor , Model & a Fitness Icon

Dr. Hanaan Choudhary is a surgeon doctor and a fitness icon from Delhi-NCR. Since Hannan Choudhary is a doctor by profession, he have studied the human body in great depths, The anatomy the physiology and the whole 9 yards his idea is to use all that information and knowledge that he have and put it to use in order to get most efficient while walking towards your fitness goals.


Dr Hanaan Choudhary age

Hanaan Choudhary is 30 years old. He was born in 14 Jan 1990 in Jammu.

Hanaan Choudhary Profession

Hanaan Choudhary is a practicing doctor specialized in surgery from NCR. He was born in Jammu in an extended family of doctors. Hannan is very passionate to his health at very young age. Now he’s using his fitness skills to motivate & guide others to reach their fitness goals. He is truly a fitness icon.

Hanaan Choudhary Hobbies

Apart from saving lives, Dr. Hanaan Choudhary loves to try different kinds of healthy food. Hanaan was a state-level basketball player during his school days in Jammu. He is a snowboard champion. He has snowboarded down from the highest gondola in the world at 4500 meters. There are plenty of his adventure clips on his social media profile.

Dr Hanaan Choudhary snowbording

Failure is an important part of growth if you don’t fail you won’t learn what you don’t have to repeat ever again failures are the biggest teachings you can get in disguise there is nothing called a smooth sail.