Disenchanted Will Ever Going to Happen?


If you’re a fan of fairy tales and romantic dramas, your quest is over. We’ve brought you the latest information on Descended, which has a sequel Enchanted 2007.

Is the director of Descendant Adam Schenkman Produced by Barry Josephson and Amy Adams. Authors, Bridget Hales, Richard Legravenis We deserve our special appreciation for such a masterpiece.

What is the plotline of Descented?


Enchanted is an animated musical fantasy romantic comedy and Descended is its sequel. We have to look at the story before we get to know the descented plot Enchanted 2007.

In the animated land of Andalusia, There is a queen named Narisa who wants to retain her crown. As soon as his step-son marries a girl, he will have to step down from the crown.

When she realizes that Prince Edward is in love with Giselle, she throws him into a well where she opens her eyes to the real world of New York. Morgan Philip and his daughter take him to their apartment and make him comfortable. Prince Edward also embarks on a journey to find his love and eventually reaches Manhattan Streets.

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He finds it but eats the poisonous apple and faints. The kiss of a true lover can awaken him. When Edward’s kiss failed, Morgan’s kiss succeeded. Narisa becomes a dragon who follows Morgan and takes him to a skyscraper while Giselle rescues him and Narisa falls and dies.

Edward paired Nancy and Morgan with Giselle. Giselle prefers to live with Morgan and her daughter. Decentralized will be based on this factor.

Follow me to the conclusion to learn about the descented story.

Release Date: When can we see Descented?

The Writers of Enchanted, Bill Kelly, surprised everyone when he arrived in 2007 and has now been confirmed by his sequel production team.

Production has not disclosed the release date of Descendant but with some unofficial sources, it is said to be on air. 2022. We’ll get back to you soon and we’ll update our page.


What are the names of the characters involved in Descendant?

1. Amy Adams Giselle plays the role. (She is a very optimistic and romantic woman, a dancer and singer who dreams of marrying the prince of her dreams).

2. Patrick Dempsey Robert plays Philip. (A pacifist divorce attorney who doesn’t believe in true love but begins to love Giselle when she encounters him on the streets of Manhattan).

3. James Marsden Plays the role of Prince Edward. (A brave, valiant, and kind-hearted prince who, after entering the world of New York, is confused with him).

4. Timothy Spal Plays the role of Nathaniel. (He becomes rebellious against Narisa).

5. Susan Serendon The queen plays the role of Narissa. (He is the main villain in the movie. He tries to kill Giselle and beat Adams).

6. Rachel Covey Morgan plays Philip. (She is Robert’s six-year-old daughter).

7. Edina Menzel Nancy plays Tremain. (She’s a fashion designer, Robert’s girlfriend. At the end of the picture, she falls in love with Edward and goes out with him).

8. Julie Andrews Plays the role of narrator

9. John Rothman Carl plays Robert’s boss

10. Paige O’Hara Plays the role of Angela, a soap opera character

11. Jodi Benson Sam plays Robert’s secretary

12. Colton Stewart Plays the role of Malvina’s son

13. Oscar Nunez Plays the role of Edgar

14. Gabriela Baldachino Morgan plays Philip

Platform: Where can we all see disappointment?

Love and romantic dramas are waiting to confuse you with the beautiful depiction of fairies in the real world, which keeps you busy throughout the film.

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You can only see enchanted and decentralized Disney +.

You can also watch similar genre movies on these over-the-top platforms.

What are the ratings of Descented?

When The Enchanted reappeared in 2007, it was a sensation at the box office. He was loved by a wide range of fans from all over the world. Fairy tales and love romance are the main features of this film.

Enchanted has a 7/10 rating IMDb. We expect better performance from the descent.


Beautiful fairy drama by author Bill Kelly is a symbol of true love. Fifteen years after Enchanted, fans can’t wait for its sequel.

Disappointed, Giselle, Robert and Morgan arrive at their new home in Monroville. Monroe of Malvina, Who has bad intentions for the family. We will learn that Giselle is in a dilemma whether to save her family or her homeland.

The most important fact about this movie is that it is for everyone, be it adult or child.

This movie will definitely entertain you.

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