Friday, August 12, 2022
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Dipak Haldar TMC MLA resigns the party

Dipak Haldar who is the two-time MLA from Diamond has resigned from the party today. He is no more part of the party and he said that the party does not allow him to work for the masses.

He is has been the MLA from last 2 time and has a good reputation at the place but he chose to serve the people without any selfishness. He added that he is not allowed to work for mass properly and Despite informing the leadership, no action was taken to improve the situation.

Dipak Haldar also added that he is not being informed about any kind of party programme and nobody informed him about these things, he said that he is answerable to his constituency and the people who supports him.

“So I have decided to quit the party. I will send my resignation to the district and state president soon,” Dipak Haldar said. For the last few months, Haldar has been speaking against the party leadership.

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