Countries send support to help Turkey fight ongoing wildfires

Countries send support to help Turkey fight ongoing wildfires. Almost eight people have died and hundreds have been injured in ongoing wildfires across Turkey’s southern coastal region. Countries like Spain and Croatia have come forward to help turkey fight ongoing wildfires.

Spain and Croatia are among a few nations that have conveyed firefighting planes and groups to help neighbourhood firemen. On Tuesday, Milas Mayor Muhammet Tokat cautioned that fire is near arriving at Kemerkoy power station, as indicated by sources. Of the 144 flames that have been accounted for since July 28, 136 are taken care of.

Countries send support to help Turkey fight ongoing wildfires

How Countries send support to help Turkey fight ongoing wildfires ?

These Devastating wildfires have torn through villages and forests of Turkey that killed several people and burnt through huge tracts of land. At least eight people have been killed and many more injured after dozens of forest fires come out in Turkey. Thousands of its citizens had to run away from coastal towns. Wildfires are getting out of control from authorities. It devastating wildfires that have torn villages and forests. Countries have sent their help and wish in solidarity with Turkey.

Qatar has also sent their team. Qatar additionally has sent a group to Turkey to take in search and rescue operations during wildfires, neighbourhood media announced Sunday. Azerbaijan has effectively conveyed approximately 100 firemen to the fire-hit regions. As indicated by Qatar’s state. A group from the Qatar International Search and Rescue Group of the Qatari Internal Security Forces left for Turkey at the guidance of Qatar’s Emir Sheik Tamim canister Hamad Al Thani. Croatia will likewise send a firefighting plane to Turkey as a component of the battle against the flames, Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Garlic-Radman said on Twitter.

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