Coronavirus strikes again, parliament to cancel winter session.

The parliament of India is supposed to hold its winter session soon enough but has decided to cancel the session due to covid-19. The budget session will also be held in January.

With covid-19 increasing and in its third phase the authorities decided to not host any winter session this year however MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary suggested that they could hold a short session only to discuss the farm laws given that they have caused a ruckus in the country and have now taken a different turn altogether. The monsoon session also ended a week ahead of the schedule in the month of September.

 “At present, we are in the middle of December and a Covid vaccine is expected very soon,” Joshi told Chowdhury. “In this regard, I have informally contacted floor leaders of various political parties and they have expressed their concerns about the ongoing pandemic and opined of doing away with Winter Session.” Given the increase in the number of cases in Delhi the ministers cited how important it was to handle the situation of the virus first and get the situation under control because the winter time is a crucial time to manage the virus.

With schools being open, protests taking place and restaurants and markets and clubs being open and people for a bigger part of time not following the guidelines especially social distancing in markets and various other public places in the country and ministers travelling all over the country holding rallies and contesting elections is it really necessary and justified for the government to cancel the winter session especially when there are some really important decision left for the government to make with the farmers protests and their increasing demand and the vaccine and the nurses’ strike at AIIMS and much more?

 “The government is willing to have the next session of Parliament at the earliest,” he was quoted as saying by the newspaper. “It would be appropriate to have the Budget Session 2021 in January 2021 keeping in mind the unprecedented circumstances created by Covid-19 pandemic.”

However, it maybe the 4th time that the parliament is not holding the winter session in the history ever since independence but at the end public disposal and public say cannot be taken into consideration over how and when and if to host a session of the parliament or not it is entirely upto the discretion of the government.

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