China responded to India after Banning 43 more apps

China responded to India after banning 43 more apps. China accused India of discriminatory practices that violate World Trade Organization. Actually, India has banned 43 more Chinese apps. New Delhi has issued an order banning 43 more apps. New Delhi has immediately ordered to block all servers for 43 more Chinese apps. India claimed those apps were engaged in activities that threatened India’s national security.

India’s information technology ministry has said that “This action had been taken depending on the inputs regarding these apps for participating in exercises which are biased to power and respectability of India, guard of India, the security of the state and public request. They further revealed that the decision was made based on the comprehensive reports got from Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center, Ministry of Home Affairs.

China responded to India

How China responded to India?

China has responded on these allegations about national security is false. On Wednesday, The Chinese embassy in India spokesperson Ji Rong said in a statement that they firmly oppose the Indian side’s repeated use of ‘national security’ as an excuse to ban some Mobile APPs with a Chinese background,”

He further revealed that They wish the Indian side gives a fair, impartial and non-discriminatory business environment for all market players from various countries including China, and rectify the discriminatory practices violating WTO rules,” the embassy statement said.

Beijing says that China and India is an opportunity for each other, not a threat,

On Wednesday Chinese foreign service representative Zhao Lijian said that Beijing communicates “genuine worries over India’s case” and approached New Delhi to “quickly right its biased approach and try not to make further harm two-sided participation.”

On Tuesday, it was not the first run through India moved to prohibit Chinese applications from the nation.

In June, New Delhi obstructed 59 portable applications made by Chinese organizations and in September, another 118 applications were added. That included TikTok and the fiercely mainstream Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) portable game which had connections to Chinese web monster Tencent.

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