China relives Covid testing rules of Winter Olympics 2022

 The Beijing Winter Olympics organizer of China has relaxed a Covid-19 testing requirement for competitors, citing an increase in the number of cases in the capital.

The new modification makes it simpler for competitors to be virus-free when they arrive at the Games.

Since the 4th of January, 106 of them over 3,000 Olympic participants have tested positive for the virus. Outside of the tournament’s closed-off grounds, Beijing residents are subjected to stricter restrictions and additional lockdowns.

Following the discovery of a number of locally transmitted cases earlier this week, about two million inhabitants in Beijing’s Fengtai area have been ordered to undergo testing.


Locals who purchased over-the-counter medications for fever or cough symptoms were also instructed to take a test within three days of purchase.

As part of Beijing’s zero-Covid goal, China officials want to eradicate tiny outbreaks of the virus before the Games begin on February 4th.

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