China cancels Everest climbs due to the fears of virus

China have canceled attempts to climb Mount Everest from its side of the world’s highest peak because of fears of importing COVID-19 cases from neighbouring Nepal.

China’s General Administration of Sport saya on Friday the notice came out. China is taking all type of precautions to deal with this virus. In Nepal the cases have been increasing very rapidly.


China had issued permits to 38 people, all Chinese citizens, to climb the 8,849-meter (29,032-foot) -high mountain this spring. Nepal has given permission to 408 people. Climbing was not allowed from either side last year because of the pandemic.

Many climber have tested positive in Nepal after they came from the everest base camp. Mostly may is considered as the best month for climbing everest. On the other hand two climbers have lost their lives on the Nepalese side, one is Swiss and the another one is American.

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