CBI takes legal action against Cambridge Analytica For Facebook Data Theft

CBI has found out that the Cambridge Analytica is using the personal information of the facebook users without their permission.The CBI has filed a case against them for the alleged illegal harvesting of personal data of 5.62 lakh Indian Facebook users. The agency has also named Global Science Research (GSRL), another company based out of that country, in the same case.

Again in the year of 2018 march, multiple international media platforms said that the former Cambridge Analytica employees, associates, and documents to report that the firm had harvested personal information of the facebook users from their profile over 50 million from all over th world, they did not even ask their permission.


Ravi Shankar Prasad who is the Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology gave the information to the parliament in the year of 2018 july that there would be a CBI investigation into the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data theft case.

The CBI’s preliminary enquiry revealed criminal offences committed by Cambridge Analytica and GSRL, leading it to book the two firms for criminal conspiracy and cyber crime.

Facebook gave a statement to CBi saying that the GSRL has illegally collected the private information of around 5.62 lakh facebook users in India and they have shared the piece of information with the Cambridge Analytica. It is suspected that the information is going to be used to influence during the elections in India.


They have dig out the personal informations which includes demographic information, pages liked, and contents on private chats, was collected without the knowledge and consent of the app users.

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