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Canada is supposed to give $40bn to indigenous children.

Canada has recently announced that the government is ready to give $40bn to indigenous children in order to compensate those children. In September, a top court maintained a 2016 decision that the public authority underfunded First Nations administrations contrasted and those for non-native youngsters.

It requested C$40,000 ($31,350; £23,340) payouts to every kid who was in the on-hold government assistance framework later in 2006. The government initially said it would appeal the verdict.

Until as recently as 1996, the residential school system of Canada was so different; it used to separate the indigenous children from their families and sent them to boarding school. The condition out there was very unpleasant; students used to be beaten, malnourished as well as sexually abused. 

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Canada is supposed to give $40bn to indigenous children. 2

Rose Anne Archibald, who is the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, added that the money is not justice. Furthermore, it denotes that we are on the healing path forward.

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