Boston Fashion Week Launches 60 AR Designs Across Boston

Explore the city of Boston to discover a wide variety of AR fashion designs from local designers, photographers and stylists.

Boston Fashion Week is happening now. Those lucky enough to be in the area can explore 62 amazing AR designs located in various public and scenic locations across the city.

Using this map and a free AR app called Hoverlay Spaces, locals can discover and unlock jaw-dropping fashion pieces, each represented as a unique AR artwork. Some pieces can be found in public spaces, such as Harvard Square; others near famous Boston landmarks, including the pink Kennedy Greenway.

Image Credit: Boston Fashion Week

Each AR fashion piece was created by a local Bostonian. This includes accessory designers, photographers, illustrators, textile artists, fashion schools, historical fashion archives, stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, models and many others.

New RA content will be made available every day during Boston Fashion Week, which runs through October 9th. RA content will be available for another 2 weeks after the event ends.

Jay Calderin, founder of Boston Fashion Weekand Nicolas Robbe, CEO and co-founder of Hoverlay Inc., spoke with VRScout about why their efforts to bring RA and fashion together at this annual event. “Our goal was to present this to both the regional fashion industry and the general public,” he said.Calderin. “The hope is that they feel they can creatively engage with content and see the potential of RA as a fashion content platform.”

Image Credit: Boston Fashion Week

According to Calderin, finding a diverse group of artists to represent this year’s Boston Fashion Show took some planning: “We curated a group that included a mix of established talent and newcomers. Technically, there are 43 fashion creatives represented, but creating the content in each gallery usually involves a large team of fashion professionals”, adding, “we also wanted to present more than fashion design, so we have galleries dedicated to accessory designers , photographers, illustrators, textile artists, fashion schools, historical fashion archives, stylists, beauty professionals. ”

When it came to figuring out how to release 62 pieces of AR fashion designs in Boston, Calderin turned to Nicolas Robbe in Hoverlay. The Hoverlay app automatically builds a map guiding you to these hidden AR experiences. “Since they are within a predefined range of that location, we chose to have the content displayed around them based on a predefined spatial arrangement, created visually in Hoverlay Spaces,” said Robbe.

Image Credit: Boston Fashion Week

Unlocking each design is as easy as opening the app and scanning the QR code placed in each location.

The location of each AR fashion content was chosen based on accessibility as well as history. Robbe and Calderin wanted Boston Fashion Week to impact as many neighborhoods as possible. In addition to Boston, the team plans to add Boston Fashion Week satellite previews in New York, California, Miami, London and Puerto Rico. They also plan to make content available in their own home as soon as this year’s Fashion Week ends.

A lot of work has gone into transforming Boston Fashion Week into an AR format. That said, there will still be a handful of face-to-face events you can participate in, along with some online content to round out the schedule.

Image Credit: Boston Fashion Week

When asked about the future of AR and fashion, Calderin said: “I feel like it’s the new frontier. It’s already generated a lot of enthusiasm and creativity, and we’ve only scratched the surface. ”

Boston Fashion Week is now taking place in various parts of Boston and ends on October 9th. AR content will be available to anyone using Hoverlay Spaces for two weeks after the event.

The Hoverlay app is available on both iOS and Android.

For more information visit Boston Fashion Week and Hoverlay Spaces.

Featured Image Credit: Boston Fashion Week

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