Boeing 737 Max is again ready to fly

Boeing 737 Max is ready to fly again in Indonesia. Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft will fly again after three years due to the crash where around 189 people lost their lives – confirmed by the government on Wednesday.

The Transportation Ministry of the region also said on Wednesday that the aircraft will get permission to fly in Indonesia but only after airlines carry out airworthiness directives.

It is also informed that the ministry will also conduct inspections before the aircraft will fly or operate in the country, says the ministry’s director-general of Civil Aviation, Novie Riyanto.

He also added that Several flight operators have indicated that they have completed airworthiness orders for 737 MAX aircraft in compliance with FAA requirements and that they would arrange training and simulators at the nearest facility, in Singapore. 

Governments grounded the Boeing 737 Max after 346 people were murdered in the Lion Air aircraft tragedy in Indonesia on Oct. 29, 2018, and an Ethiopian Airlines flight on March 10, 2019.

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