“Black Mirror” Season 6: Release Date, Plot And Other Details

“Black Mirror” a Netflix sci-fi series debuting in 2011 has managed to earn amazing responses from the audience as well as the critics. After five fantastic seasons we all are anticipating the release of “Black Mirror” Season 6.

“Black Mirror” Season 6: Release Date

"Black Mirror"

Five seasons of this amazing sci-fi series have been dropped so far with the last season dropping in 2019. It has left us waiting eagerly for the sixth instalment. But can we expect it anytime soon?

We know that it has been quite a long while since we have been waiting for Netflix to announce “Black Mirror” Season 6. Even at some point in time we also assumed that the series might have been cancelled by the OTT giant. But let me tell you, there is nothing like that because “Black Mirror” Season 6 will definitely grace our screens.

And this is not just an assumption made by me or anyone else, it is stated by the maker of the series Charles Brooker himself. Brooker has officially said in an interview last year that by no means has Netflix cancelled the series and therefore the sixth season will be made. But with that, he also said that because of the pandemic crisis all over the world they have decided to keep the project on hold.

"Black Mirror"

Because they think that the world should heal first. Thus he meant that they will start the production of the upcoming season after things get back to normal and we defeat the coronavirus. And we know that things are getting better with time.

So maybe the makers will plan to start the production soon. Talking a wild guess the upcoming season might release in 2022. 

“Black Mirror” Season 6: Plot

Can we imagine a life without technology in today’s era? I don’t think we can! Because technology has definitely become an important part of our daily life.

From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we use technology in the forms of devices. But have we ever given a thought that we are being affected by the over usage of technology?

"Black Mirror"

This series is an eye-opener which tells us how technology can harm us in many ways. So far we have got five seasons of this series and each season has something unique in store for us. Through different stories, we saw how dark technology can get at times. 

Even in the forthcoming instalment, we can look forward to some eye-opening stories than will warn us about the negative side of technology. So that we can stop being dependent on it and save ourselves from getting caught in the dark web.

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