“Black Lightning” Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Other Details

Since 2018 CW has been airing one of its finest superhero series titled “Black Lightning.” This series has a good fan following worldwide and the ratings say it all.

“Black Lightning” Season 5: Release Date

"Black Lightning"

Salim Akil created a very fine superhero series for the CW Network which has given a new dimension to superhero series. Most of us have grown up watching and reading superhero content.

Therefore these shows get close to our hearts within no time. So this series has aired four seasons so far and all of them were successful. The fourth season dropped in February 2021.

Sadly we cannot anticipate another season because the makers have made it clear that they are done with this series. On their official announcement, they said that “Black Lightning” was very special for them. They also said that if they further stretch the series it might lose its charm.

"Black Lightning"

Moreover, they also said that they have done justice to the entire plot. And don’t need another season to establish the theme of the story. Although we totally agree with them deep down we do want another season!

“Black Lightning” Season 5: Plot

Jefferson Pierce can harness electricity. After saving his town multiple years he decided to live a normal life and becomes the principal of a school.

"Black Lightning"

But time needs his powers again because the city is again invaded by bad people. Tobias Whale becomes his biggest enemy. We saw that he fought Whale quite well with his powers.

In the end, we were assured that the metahuman babies will not be manipulated anymore and would grow in a safe environment.

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