BJP resolves the issue of heavy school bags and books for school going children.

BJP government 2 days ago gifted school going kids something all of us dream about since the moment we start going to school; If there is any way if we could reduce the weight of our books and school bags?

The government 2 day ago passed a new policy in light of the new education policy 2020: The school bag policy 2020. The policy clearly states that the weight of the school bag for kids across classes 1 to 10 will not be more than 10% of their body weight. The government seems to be working for providing children an education that is not forced but they choose to learn and retain it for a longer time of their life the government have now solved the long-lasting issue of heavy bags and even heavier books combined with truck load of homework given to the kids since primary school sometimes even kindergarten.

The policy states various other things apart from the determined weight of the school bag. It also says that there shall be no homework provided till class 2, lockers to be installed in schools, installing of digital weighing machines in school to comprehend the weight of the bag in relation to the weight of the kid, no trolley or wheel installed bags in school and last but not the least there will not be any heavy books there shall be a particular weight of every book that the children carry even for senior classes. To finalise the policy and determine the accurate and required ratio of 1:10 for the school bag there were elaborated surveys and researches conducted in several areas of different cities by the government. The policy document further recommends that school bags should have proper compartments. “Schoolbag needs to be light-weight with proper compartments, and (should) contain two padded and adjustable straps that can be squarely fit on both the shoulders. Wheeled carriers should not be allowed as it may hurt children while climbing stairs,” it reads. The policy also gives the ideas of mid-day meals so that the weight of the lunch box is reduced from the bag and also to provide adequate and clean drinking water so that the weight of the bottles carried I also reduces or they may even choose to not bring one at all. The policy not only suggests the aforementioned ideas but also suggests that there should be a timetable made for the kids that also has time and periods of sports and art or any other extra-curricular activities. “For selecting a textbook for children, the criterion of weight should be taken into consideration. The weight of each textbook may be printed on the textbook by the publishers, along with the Grams per Square Meter (GSM),” it said.

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