Biden all set to start the fight against Corona within first 100 days of presidency.

The United States of America got over with its presidential election with the Biden-Harris alliance in victory Joe Biden is all set to take on administration by January.

 Joe Biden for starters has decided begin outlining his goals concerning the Coronavirus pandemic. He has begun making his team for the white house and his cabinet members who will work for the betterment of the US and create an administration that reflects every sector and group in America. With Dr. Rochelle WALENSKY as the Director for the Center for disease control and prevention and Obama Economic Adviser Jeff Zients as the White House coronavirus coordinator being his wingmen to fight the coronavirus Biden has set out a new key goals to fight the pandemic. The elect has urged congress to provide for more the vaccinations. He mentions in his speech from Delaware that he is firm to address the pandemic related reforms and goals in the first 100 days of his presidency with major concerns being distribution of vaccine, re-opening of schools and making wearing of masks compulsory where possible with US infectious disease scientist Dr Anthony Fauci.

Since it is pretty much clear that in order to be safe from the virus and not get effected people of the world need to take serious safety measure and that they have to do their own security apart from what is being imposed by the respective governments Biden urged people to not only wears masks on a voluntary basis and made it compulsory to wear them on federal land, buildings, during travels and wherever needed and possible at all times. US president elect will be in conversation with the people and address them directly and in return expects only that the people wear masks for the first 100 days which are not only just the most crucial days for his presidency but also has he promised to deliver a 100 million something doses of vaccine to the people of US. He demands congress to provide more for the vaccines after reviewing the trump laid plans for dealing with the virus. He brings in a ray of hope for the youngers generation by suggesting that he will gets schools reopened and also provide full security to the staff and kids and avails proper funding for the same. With the starting of a not so steady flow of vaccines in the world for the virus Biden has stated that he will avail and provide sufficient funding for the manufacture and distribution of vaccine but the process may slow down after the first round of the vaccines.  

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