Behind the Scenes of Marvel’s New Spider-Man

“I’m used to writing a lot of dialogues because Rick or Morty has to scream about Banana Planet for 30 minutes,” says Ziegler. In the comics, “… Kelly or Saladin or Zeb or Patrick can express a lot of emotions and a lot more story with just two sentences. This is something that took me a while to get used to.

But he has gotten used to it now and is swinging for the fence. His first stories have paired him with incredible artists – perhaps the most recent Spider-Man artist of recent years, Mark Bagley – for stories with the biggest names in Spidey’s Rogue Gallery: Craven the Hunter and Doctor Octopus. And reviving the classic Spider-Man romance between Otto and Aunt May.

“Doc Oak has a lot of noise, it’s really full of itself, but it’s also dark from the heart. Being able to find humor in [Ock and May]And the way they interact with Ben was so much fun, ”says Ziegler. “What I liked about Craven was that I had to give a bit of commentary, not necessarily what my perspective on the world is, how the US works and how money is the best thing.”

Meanwhile, something is not right with Peter, which causes Aunt May and Doc Oak to get back together: Ziegler says their story is a Noirish gumshu yarn.

Thompson, for his part, is most excited about the expansion of the Spider-Man universe. She’s backing up Daughters of the Dragon – Misty Knight and Colin Wing – in the series for the foreseeable future, with all the insight you would expect from these two characters, written by one of the leading comic book writers in comics. She is also excited about content that you may not immediately notice at first reading. “We’re doing a lot of little funny bits with Beyond, like their fantastic inventions and stuff, it’s one of my favorite things,” she tells us. “Small goldfish with legs. Beyond there’s some crazy weird stuff, and you peek a little at it in the background of this spidy story. And I think it’s fun stuff.”

For Wales, the centerpiece of this new race will be shock. Wells has always excelled in writing damaged characters – Cannonball and Moonstar were in various stages during his criminally underrated. New mutants Run, and Helians The best book of the current X-line can certainly be because each of the characters in it is very broken. But Ben Riley lets him shed light on compassion.

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