Rohingyas From Bangladesh Shifted To Remote Island Because Of Overcrowding

Bangladesh has decided to move thousands of Rohingya refugees to a remote island in the outskirts of the country to prevent overcrowding.

Bangladesh Shifts Rohingya Refugees


We know that Bangladesh shelters at least one million Rohingya refugees. In fact, they occupy at least 70% of the nation’s population. But now the country has decided to let go off some refugees to prevent overcrowding.

And recently the country has been sending thousands of refugees to a remote island. These people are transported to the particular island at the Bay of Bengal in naval vessels.


As per the official statement from the country, they are sending those people who are willing to start a new life on the island. And the only reason that they are relocating these refugees was that the country is already congested and hence even these people are finding it difficult to get the basic amenities. 

And therefore they can start their life afresh on the new island. They have also claimed that every facility has been made on the island for the proper accommodation of the Rohingyas.

Humanitarian Agencies Claim That The Refugees Are Being Forced To Leave

Although the foreign minister of Bangladesh has claimed that they are sending those refugees who are willing to go. But many humanitarian organisations are claiming that the Rohingyas are being deported forcefully.


There are also claims that most of the refugees don’t want to settle in a remote island but they are being violently forced to do so. But as of now, there is no evidence that they are being forcefully deported.

Because as per the testimonials of some of the refugees, it was clear that they were quite happily moving to the island with a hope to get a better life.

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