Australia to Resume International Flights after 18 Months, will Lift Travel Ban from November

Australia is expected to lift its 18-month overseas travel ban starting in November 2021. The country has imposed one of the toughest roadblocks amid rising cases of COVID-19. However, now that nearly 80 percent of the country’s eligible population is vaccinated; against the deadly Coronavirus; the government is planning to ease some restrictions.

Australia to open international flights soon

In his recent interview, Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated; that Australia can open its borders to international travelers. In addition, the country will soon reopen its international flights from foreign countries; after remaining closed for approximately eighteen months.

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Amid increasing cases of Coronavirus; the country had implemented one of the most difficult blockades with the strictest measures. Now that 80% of the country’s population over 16 years of age is vaccinated against COVID-19, the government is planning to ease some restrictions. However, there is no official announcement about the dates. Furthermore, the prime minister only mentioned that he plans to ease restrictions soon.

Extremely severe travel restrictions

As mentioned above, Australia had one of the toughest roadblocks in the world; with some very strict restrictions. Some Australians had to argue for rare exclusions of travel limitations. Many of them could not find their loved ones; they failed to reach their deathbed, missed funerals, weddings and other auspicious occasions due to restrictions. However, the restrictions imposed in March 2020 could end now. Only government officials and essential workers were allowed to travel during the pandemic period. Furthermore, tourism was never accepted as a reason to cross the country’s borders.

What did the prime minister say?

In his statement, the Prime Minister of Australia; expressed his happiness for the milestone they reached. The country vaccinated 80% of its population; over 16 against the deadly Coronavirus. He said they like a community; saved many lives and livelihoods. But that’s not it. Australians will have to work hard; to reclaim the lives they used to live in the country. Henceforth, they will have to follow all protocols; guidelines and take all necessary precautions.

Australia working to travel without quarantine

New South Wales is expected to become the first state; to cross the 80 percent vaccination benchmark. However, if the new travel guidelines take effect; Sydney will become the first airport; to resume international flights in Australia.

Australia to resume international flights after 18 months will lift travel ban from November
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Sydney-based Qantas Airways announced; that they will resume flights to London and Los Angeles from November 14th. In addition, the Australian Prime Minister also said; who will work towards unquarantined travel for their citizens.

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