“Attack On Titan” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Attack On Titan” Season 4 is highly anticipated by the audience. The anime series premiered on April 2013 and has amazed the fans with three successful seasons so far. Now we are waiting for the fourth season.

“Attack On Titan” Season 4: Release Date

"Attack On Titan" Season 4

The third season of the series was dropped on July 2018 with the final episode airing on June 2019. Just a few days after that, the series was renewed for another season. The makers also revealed that the next season will be the final season of the series.

Although Attack On Titan Season 4 was expected to hit the screens by mid-2020, the sudden pandemic outbreak caused a delay in the production. 

"Attack On Titan" Season 4

But now it is finally revealed that the makers are done with all the production work and the upcoming season is ready for release. The official release date for Attack on Titan Season 4 is December 7. This announcement was made through the official Twitter handle of this anime series.

“Attack On Titan” Season 4: Plot

The animation series revolves around a solder named Eren Jaeger who has vowed to kill demons called titans. Actually, this set is set in the time when the earth was overpowered by man-eating titans. Jaeger’s mother was killed by titans and from that time he made his mind to wipe out the existence of titans from the earth.

In the upcoming season, we will finally see the final battle between the humans and the titans. Since it is the season finale of the series we can expect some action-packed sequences between Jaeger and the titans.

"Attack On Titan" Season 4

In “Attack On Titan” Season 4 it will be interesting to see if Jaeger will be able to avenge his mother’s death or will he be devoured by these titans instead.

Also, we can expect the Scouts to finally reveal the mysterious history of titans. The Upcoming season will be full of action-packed sequences and a lot of turns and twists.

It will be interesting to see if the titans will accept defeat and leave the earth or will they destroy the entire human race by the end of the season finale.

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