At Least 23 Dead and Many wounded, Azerbaijan v Armenia

Reports have revealed that a clash took place between Armenia and Azerbaijan on this Sunday, in which 23 people lost their lives. After seeing this clash, there is a fear in the heart of all the people. On this Sunday, 16 Armenian fighters were killed in a fight between Armenia and Azerbaijan. And 100 Armenians were injured. Moreover, this rebellion was described as official. Reports have revealed that Baku said that a family of Azerbaijan in which 5 people were killed.

There is a major conflict between Muslim Azerbaijan and Christian Armenia if it comes to that it is being said that they both were the oldest fighter whose fight has emerged this Sunday. This fight threatened to the regional player Moscow and Ankara.

Clash Between Azerbaijan & Armenia on Sunday Night

The reports are revealing that the Armenian Prime minister Nikol Pashinyan called on global powers that Turkey will not have to get involved in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Read some more details about the Sunday Night’s Clash between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The Russian President discussed the conflict if it comes to that it has also been revealed that Azerbaijan’s Ally Turkey said and also blamed to Yerevan for flaring up. Stay tuned on this page like in the same flow of reading if it comes to that All the Turkish must support to the Azerbaijan brothers this thing has been stated by the president named Tayyip Erdogan by his twitter handle.

The martial law has been imposed by Azerbaijan and put a curfew in the large cities. The fight has been accrued in the last Sunday which caused the death of many of the lives.

It has been said by such reports that a total of 23 people have been killed and 100 people were deeply injured. We will get you informed about this all incident that happened between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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